Model number: 2.27

WoodLine - Walnut Carpathian | Model number: 2.27

Color - Walnut Carpathian

Color avalible
Oak Carpathian Walnut Carpathian Alder

Show in interior doors

Inner door frame made from solid softwood beam with finger-joint system. Door leaf completes with stabilize honeycomb or chipboard filling

Inner door frame with filling glued by smooth HDF boards both sides. Upper and bottom side and corners finished with special design foil according to the door leaf surface. Woof line surface displays structure of the wood with standard resistance and water resistance. 


• Set of two adjustable hinges;
• Lock

Adjustable door frame «BRAMA PROFI»
Door frame made from MDF or solid softwood beam with finger-joint system. Glued by special foil. Door frame completed with lock plate and durable sealant.

Symmetrical. Architraves made from MDF and glued by special foil according to surface. 

• Single / 60, 70, 80, 90 cm
• With extention (2.1)  40+60, 40+70, 40+80, 40+90 см                                                                                              
• Double / 2x60, 2x70, 2x80, 2x90 cm

* Art. 2.32, 2.33, 2.17, 2.22, 2.27 not produced in white, oak, beech.
** Art. 2.2 not produced in white and oak.
*** Open Wood Surface

Wear resistance:
Wear resistance

Other models series: Silhouette
Surface: WoodLine