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Enameled doors

Enameled doors

Brama is constantly evolving - not only at the corporate level, but also at the personal level... This is reflected in the quality of the finished product in the most positive way

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To ensure strength and durability in all operating conditions, our engineers have proposed a simplified system of leaf, box, and trim.

What are the manufacturing features of our enamel doors?

Enameled doors require sophisticated design and exquisite finishes, with the main advantage being practicality and durability.

The design, thought out to the last detail, is the main advantage of our products. They are usually installed in bright rooms with a long operating cycle.

All enamel doors under the Brama trademark are of exceptionally high quality

Our factory with an area of about 20,000 m2 is equipped with modern, largely innovative equipment from reputable companies from Germany, Italy and Spain. Therefore, we are confident that we produce enameled doors in Lviv that are not inferior in terms of performance to foreign counterparts

A well-coordinated team… The Brama company is constantly developing the quality of finished products.